Meet Joe Beaudoin – Founder, CEO, Owner, and President of NexGen High Rise Services

Joseph Beaudoin – the founder, owner, and President of NexGen High Rise Services – began his career in commercial high-rise window cleaning in 1977 at the age of 16 as his father’s assistant. Joe is a third-generation window cleaner. He is now training his own son Eric, who is the Beaudoin family’s fourth-generation window cleaner.

In 1979, Joe embarked on his full-time window cleaning career at two of the country’s most prestigious commercial facilities: the Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit and the World Headquarters of Compuware Corporation in Downtown Detroit. Since then, Joe has worked on many more of the most notable high-rise office buildings in Metro Detroit.

Joe is trained in every major kind of commercial window cleaning equipment now used in the industry. He continually keeps abreast all new industry trends. Joe is especially knowledgeable of the new safety and rigging equipment that helps NexGen maintain our 100% safety record (no injuries, no accidents).