Why NexGen?

Our Window Cleaners Are Thoroughly Trained and Tested
At NexGen High Rise Services, we have differentiated ourselves from the competition by implementing a unique professional training program for our window cleaners.

Joe Beaudoin – the founder, owner, and President of NexGen – believes strongly that the commercial window cleaning industry as a whole should require strict regulation to ensure the safety of window cleaning professionals, the facilities at which they work, and the general public. “Most apprentice window cleaners are, in fact, under-trained,” says Joe.

Every window cleaner who comes to work for NexGen must train in all areas of the profession to earn the title of Journeyman. Here are the numbers of hours of training they must complete in each critical area of commercial window cleaning:

  • Safety: 120 hours initially – then ongoing
  • Ladder Work – 0 to 25 feet: 900 hours; 25 to 60 feet: 900 hours
  • Belt Work: 200 hours
  • Lift Work (Electric, Boom, Air): 200 hours
  • High-Rise Scaffold Work: 1,000 hours
  • Rigging Scaffold (All Types): 500 hours
  • Chair Work – Ascending (Climbing Rope) and Descending (Rappelling): 900 hours
  • Use of Chemicals (Acids, Soaps, Solvents, Other): 40 hours